A Week in Eats – Vegan Junk Food Edition

Hello, blog!

I’ve decided to start featuring much more munch here as it keeps coming back to me as the only thing I want to write about. I’m constantly talking about food, recommending restaurants and trying out new recipes (to varying success).

I like the idea of having a ‘week of eats’ feature as, whilst I try my very best to apply the 80/20 rule of fitness and FUN, I eat a very diverse range of yumminess throughout the week. So let’s make this a regular thing.

Here we go.

First up is breakfast, the most important meal of the day. I have a funny relationship with breakfast. Half the time I wake up craving sugar like a crazy Haribo monster and the other half, I feel sick at the sight of any food before 12pm.

This week I found an incredible local health-food hippie juice business called U-Juice and I’m absolutely obsessed. Their dragon bowl is sweet enough to curb my sugar cravings and packed full of the freshest freshness I could ask for.

Processed with VSCO with h3 preset
U-Juice dragon bowl with fresh banana, kiwi, strawberry, pistachio granola and chia seeds.

All of the yas.

For the days when I wake up not wanting to eat, I’ve taken to coaxing myself into some peanut butter toast like a child, by making it extra specially cute (and Insta worthy!) Whenever I see breakfast bears online I always worry for the rest of the banana – but do not fear! The other half of mine goes in the freezer to use in smoothies later in the day.

I usually try and stick to only one piece of bread, but when I’m feeling really hungry or working out first thing, I go for two.

Processed with VSCO with h3 preset
A beary good breakfast!

I’ve been obsessed with sweet potato and eggs this week and I’ve made myself a few variations for lunches and dinners. I prefer the asian-style white sweet potatos which literally taste like a dessert to me. They remind me of 7-11 breakfasts in Japan and warm me up from the inside out.

My secret dealer is Tesco on New Street, but when I can’t make it there, I go for the regular orange kind. I’ve also started added these AMAZING crunchy chickpeas to all of my meals for an added bit of texture. I roast them in the oven for 20 minutes with paprika and chilli flakes and they are bomb. Try them, you honestly won’t regret it.

On the left we have sweet potato, broccoli, egg roll, siracha, red kidney beans and chickpeas and on the right we have a Buddha Bowl with rice, quinoa, kale, avocado, egg and okonomiyaki sauce.

I recently invested in okonomiyaki sauce and it’s an absolute game changer. If you have an Asian store near you, give it a try. I got mine from Seoul Plaza in Selly Oak.

Ok, that’s my 80… time for the 20… the good stuff.

My cheat meals this week consisted of all the Digbeth Dining Club goodness. I hadn’t been in so long, I had no idea what to expect and I was greeted by the best baos of my dreams. The Korean Chicken and Fillet of Fish (!!!!) baos by ‘Home Boys’ were AMAZING – I would 100% recommend.

Processed with VSCO with h3 preset
Bao Bao heaven! Korean chicken with Kewpie mayo and radish and fillet of fish with cheese. Heyyaaa.

To finish it all off, I had an amazing vegan brownie from The Wholesome Junkies. It had a Biscoff base (aka, life) ice cream topping and caramel sauce. It was AMAZING!

Processed with VSCO with h3 preset
Who said vegans just eat veg?! I’m SHOOK!

I hope you liked this concept – I’ll be coming at you with another week of eats next Sunday.

What was your best eat this week?

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