Basic Buzzfeed Fan Tries Cheese Tea

As you can probably tell by the shade of my red, red hair (how did I ever think that this was purple?!) – this video is  few months old. I had so much fun trying this bizarre concoction and putting the video together that I decided it would be great content for my new blog because… why not!


Watch the video to find out my reaction, but you can probably guess my thoughts from the thumbnail.

What I will say, is that with SO many amazing and quirky Asian food & drinks options in Birmingham, you’re literally never too far from a new try. I sometimes get a bit hung up about the face that I want to be mooching around trying new street food in Myeongdong or grabbing some 7-11 Japanese snacks, but with a bit of creativity you can find all that and more right here in Brum.

For some of my favourite Asian eats, check out Toppoki in China Town, Chuu Cafe in Arcadian and MinMin Noodle, also in China Town. I’d like to give a special shout out for Mee-Cha in Bullring too, which is where I had my first bubble tea outside of Taipei. Although their recipes are a little sweet, they are GREAT for a treat. You can also pick up a tasty free tea with one if their loyalty cards and, lets face it, who doesn’t like free stuff?!

I definitely want to review some of my favourite Asian restaurants more comprehensively in very near future, but for now please enjoy my utter confusion about this strange, sweet and salty beverage.



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