Hello, world.

So, here I am again, writing in a little corner of the internet because… well because I just missed writing.

Those who know me well know that I love to write, photograph, video & generally be creative but when it comes to settling on a ‘theme’ or ‘category’ to confine myself to, I can never do it and thus, I usually just give up. The closest I got was when I was travelling the world and writing my beloved travel blog, which sadly fell on it’s arse when I had to come home and start my career.

What Jess Does is going to be a creative platform for me to share basically anything I want to. Sometimes I want to share fashion, sometimes I want to get excited about some delicious food (or weird food… cheese tea anyone?!) and sometimes I want to actually be helpful and share some cool travel tips. These blog posts may be accompanied by YouTube videos, if I can find the time (and make them interesting enough for general public consumption.

If you have suggestions, requests or general feedback, please feel free to comment or send me an email – I love to chat with other *creative types* about anything from Instagram to ice-cream so please, don’t be shy!

For now, peace and love.


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